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8 Reasons to Meditate

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Meditation derives from the latin root "Meditatum, meaning "to ponder". This practice involves pondering on issues in ourselves, particularly relative to our life experiences. The exact birth of meditation is not known but it is no secret that ancient civilizations used repetitive rhythmic chants during offerings and ceremonies. Some argue that these are the first traces of the practice in history. Exact dates aside, we can all agree that meditation has been around for thousands of years and is evidently here to stay. It has grown more popular as of late becoming a global practice. However meditation is more than a fad, it is a spiritual journey. A gateway to universal knowledge and the higher self. So, what good comes from meditation? 

    1. Self Awareness

      Many of us don't set aside time in our day to really notice ourselves. The more you meditate, the more you learn about yourself and who you are. You learn your strengths your weaknesses. You understand why you do the things you do. Why you like the thinks you like. You get to really meet YOU and become acquainted with your true self. Our busy lives never really give us the chance to do this. You're at work, or you're watching television or you're out socializing. Who are you? Have you ever really known? Meditation introduces you to yourself and increases confidence in and acceptance of who you are. After all, how can you be confident in someone you hardly interact with! Lack of confidence usually stems from not giving yourself any one on one time. It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, especially if you are really disconnected with yourself, but don't give up.

    2. Health

      Some say that if you think yourself sick then you will be. The power of the mind is a real thing and meditation allows you to use this power to create a positive mindset. With a positive state of mind you can decrease stressors and negativity that are believed to enhance illness. Reducing these alone improves cardiovascular health. When you feel good, you are good. Along with this there is evidence that meditation can lower Blood Pressure and Cortisol. Further, with each deep breath, every cell becomes fully oxygenated and at its fullest potential. Many already know that it decreases anxiety and aggression, reducing chances of depression and self harm.  Meditation is a great tool for both physical and mental health.

    3. The Law of Attraction 

      Focusing on what you truly want, and the desires of your soul will help the universe to gravitate them towards you. Many of us are blind to this ability, but trust that it does exist. Meditation allows you to use your inner thoughts and make them a reality. While this takes practice, it is an ability accessible to every person. Sounds outrageous doesn't it? Well, some of the most successful people in the world have used this tool in order to create the life that they wanted including celebrities, politicians, business owners and more. You create the life you want to live and the medium you do this through it meditation and mindset. Meditation allows you to identify what your deeper needs and wants are, Law of Attraction allows you to will them into existence.

    4. Chakra Alignment and Rebalance

      Chakras are very important to the health of your spirit. Keeping your chakras in order will make for a more enjoyable life. There are seven main chakras, each one focusing on various parts of your spirit. Meditation allows you to focus on each chakra and address the ones that are not letting energy flow through you properly. Addressing the negative energy within you, will allow your chakras to flow smoothly once more. Balancing your spirit is a continuous hygienic process. You will be exposed to things in life that you have no control over eventually these sorts of things will take a toll on your spirit. Meditation daily allows for a frequent clean up.

    5. Rejuvenation 

      You will notice that after a wonderful session of meditation you feel relaxed, and well...happy! You've ridden yourself of bad energy and connected with yourself on a spiritual level. You are calm and clear-headed. What a way to start or end the day! Even if you enjoy yourself so well that you fall asleep, you'll wake with the same sense of serenity and calmness. Often times meditation can help you enter a state of lucid dreaming, which can be quite an adventure! Meditation combats stress, frustration, and spiritual exhaustion.

    6. Improves Focus

      Meditation requires focus and building upon your attention span. Distractions are the enemy of meditation because they make it difficult to focus on the issues you are trying to address. If you are exploring the ways that you might become your greatest version or perhaps how to make a negative situation right, but you suddenly hear heavy metal blasting in the room next door, the chances of reaching a solution decrease greatly. However for those that have become skilled in focus, the heavy metal music might not interfere the slightest. It is important to remember that this skill takes time to develop and them more you meditate the better you will become. You will be able to block out your surroundings and focus on your mind's eye. Along with this, it will allow you to apply the skills you learn in your practice to other areas of your life. Perhaps, you might apply it to studying or listening to others speak.

    7. Address Spiritual Pain and Negativity

      Meditation give you the chance to address your past present and future. If your past damaged you, meditation can help you heal that. If your past caused pain in your present, mediation will help you overcomes and dispose that negative energy. Meditation allows you to pin point your buried feelings and address them head on. Maybe you are broken-hearted or you miss someone you love. Meditate on it until you find yourself in a state of peace and acceptance for what happened. You can't change everything, but you can allow yourself to come to terms with it. The sooner you address these adversities, the sooner you will be free from them.

    8. Universal Connection

      Meditation allows you to go on a journey. Your mind was gifted to you, and meditation allows you to explore this gift on deeper levels. There is a whole other world that only you have the privilege of exploring. Every mind in existence is connected to higher power and the universal network. Expose yourself to your own mind, to the universe and to the world. You will be surprised with what you find!

    As you can see, meditation is more than a trend. Don't meditate because everyone else is doing it and it seems cool. Meditate because the time has come to understand who you are and how you connect to the universe. Meditate because you are ready to access your higher self and deeper knowledge of the world. We are more than physical bodies; We are spiritual beings!

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  1. I’ve just started my meditation journey and im starting to see how its changing me for the better. “Expose yourself to your own mind” I love that! Great article!

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