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Young woman meditating at home.

Metaphysics and Universal Laws

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What is Metaphysics? The word metaphysics is derived from the ancient greek words “meta” (meaning “beyond”) and “physics.” At its core, metaphysics is the deep exploration of our reality and universe, beyond physics. It reveals relations between mind, body, spirit and universe. Many people regard metaphysics as a “way of life” or “spiritual belief.” While […]

Powerful Mediation visual of a woman's silhouette in the lotus pose holding the globe above her head.

8 Reasons to Meditate

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Meditation derives from the latin root “Meditatum, meaning “to ponder”. This practice involves pondering on issues in ourselves, particularly relative to our life experiences. The exact birth of meditation is not known but it is no secret that ancient civilizations used repetitive rhythmic chants during offerings and ceremonies. Some argue that these are the first […]