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Can Crystals Help Heal You?

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Can Crystals Help Heal You?

Gems have always been precious to humanity. We often wear them as fashion statements, as representation of marriage unions, and in various places of our every day lives. There are not many other animals outside of our own species who cling to gems as much as we do. Why is that?  Perhaps they offer us more than we originally thought. Have you ever considered that these crystals and gems have the ability to heal you? How you ask? It all comes down to spirituality and chakra blockades.

Crystals and the Spirit

What are chakras? In short, your body contains hundreds of Chakras, which are funnel like spiritual vacuums that absorb the energies of our environment. The energies in the world around us are involuntarily consumed by our chakras at all times. This is why when a negative person or someone with a bad attitude has the power to ruin your day if you spend too much time in their presence. Hints why they say, “never let negativity consume you or have power over you.”

Because gems and crystals are charged with energy, various stones can offer certain energies needed to keep our chakras in healthy alignment and flowing like rivers! The seven main Chakras start at the base of the spine and form a line all the way up to the crown of the head. Chakras are said to physically affect people when they are not properly open, causing illness and misery. With improving spiritual balance, people are claimed to have over come some of the worst illnesses out there. If you didn’t already know, having a broken or injured spiritual body has the potential damage your physical body as well. This is because our energy centers are the very core of our existence and a balanced foundation is needed in order to lead a healthy life. Where do crystals come in? Crystals are energy sources that allow chakras to regulate and overcome spiritual blockades that occur from things that you are exposed to in your life. Certain stones target specific chakras and are often paired in order to increase the healing process.

Purple Crystal

How Do I know Which Chakra is Blocked?

You must first understand what your spirit is lacking. Which chakra is blocked? What are you dealing with emotionally? Are you dealing with shame? Maybe you are ashamed of who you are or how you have changed (Physically or Spiritually). This a big signal that your Solar Plexus chakra is in need of some TLC. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you don’t feel you are in a safe environment and you fear for your life . This suggests that your root chakra needs to be your focus. I suggest going through each chakra and ruling them out. Another thing to note is that more than one chakra might need attention. In finding each, blockade you must be aware that simply finding it is not going to repair your spiritual injury. You must satisfy that chakra, and the corresponding stones will help guide you as you solve these problems. You must be genuine and honest with yourself. You will get nowhere lying to yourself about what you are battling spiritually, and what you need to do to fix it. Go someplace quiet, and meditate for a while. Search your soul and find what needs fixing. After you do that, head on over to my article on Chakras and find what area of spirituality it is most associated with.

How Do I Know Which Crystals or Gems are Right For Me?

Once you can identify which chakra is blocked, it’s time for the fun part! Crystal and gem gathering. Find stones that will help you in these areas of your spirituality. If you want extra help with understanding gems and crystals on a more intimate level check out our book selection on the topics to help you out. If you would prefer a short and sweet list, a few common stones are as follows:

  • Root- Red Jasper
  • Sacral -Amber, Fire Agate
  • Solar Plexus-yellow topaz, tigers eye
  • Heart -Emerald, Jade
  • Throat- Larimar, Tanzanite
  • Third Eye-Blue Kyanite,
  • Crown-Amethyst, Purple Fluorite


White Crystal Mineral Gem

How Do I Heal Myself with Crystals Once I Have Them?

You must try to keep the crystals in your vicinity as much as possible  Perhaps you might carry them in your pocket, or wear them.You could make your own necklaces out of stones with a step by step tutorial here or you can purchase one from hand made jewelers like GaiaBohemeJewellery. Whether you wear it or simply keep them in close vicinity, it is important that you use the energies to heal you. In other words, do not attempt to counter the healing energies that are flowing through you. You can also encourage the maintenance of your chakras as a whole by keeping one stone for every chakra around. Some recommend lying a stone for every chakra under your mattress in order, beneath where you lay at night. That way, in your sleep you are being recharged and balanced  Also keep in mind that the larger the stone, the more energy it has to offer you. Obviously you are not going to want large rocks under your mattress, but perhaps you can just keep them displayed in your room. Then spend a moment each morning to handle each stone and meditate with them,  in order to work out the kinks in your spirit before the start of your day. Meditate with the stones everyday (or as much as possible  and soul search for the answers you are looking for. Let the crystal guide you in this journey and find the answers that are already within you. Find what you must do to satisfy the chakras that are troubling you. Hold the gems in your hand or lie on your back and place the gems just above the chakra you are focusing on. Spend time on your troubled areas until you find a solution to your spiritual dilemma.

You must always remember that chakras need continuous maintenance through your life and when you don’t handle spiritual battles properly, they will build up and block your spiritual rivers from flowing.

Stay spiritually free and balanced friends.

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