Do It Yourself: Pumpkin Soap

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Pumpkin Soap Recipe

Our Handmade Pumpkin recipe is just in time for the autumn season and gift giving time of year! Pumpkin has been an ever-expanding trend for the fall season, but outside the kitchen and decorations, have you considered the wonders it can do for your skin? While many don’t know this, pumpkins are actually packed with nutrients and enzymes our skin can’t get enough of. It is also loaded with vitamin A & C, both of which are proven to make the skin more supple and soft. This recipe is relatively easy and does not require soap curing or the cold process, which actually can take up to 5 weeks or more. We are opting for the more natural yet simple approach, with just as great results!


1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice

2 oz organic canned pumpkin

3 tablespoons Vitamin E

2 oz fragrance oils of choice, optional

2 Pinch each of yellow and 3 pinched red soap pigment powders

Shea butter soap base 2.5 lbs

Begin with placing the Shea butter in the microwave or stove top and heat until melted. Stir throughout if necessary, and be sure that there are no lumps. We need a good mixture if we want great results! So try not to be a lazy Susan and use some elbow grease as they say, (joking—keep the elbows and grease far away!)

Next take 3 tablspoons of vitamin E and pour it into the bowl, mixing thoroughly. Then take the 2 Oz of organic canned pumpkin and add it to the solution.  Yay, we are halfway done!

We want to give our soaps a little color so, we can now add our 2 pinches of yellow and 3 pinches of red soap pigment powder/liquid drops. If you would prefer the orange color to be a bit darker and more bright, you can add more drops and adjust this step to your liking.  Mix, mix and mix some more.

Lastly, you can decide whatever fragrances you think will pair well with pumpkin spice and include them now. Pour the soap into the final molding, cover and insulate then allow it to sit for 24 hours. Wrap if you plan on gifting, and Enjoy!

Credits to soap commander for the Inspiration! If you would like to learn more about the tremendous ways that you can create your own soaps, follow the experts here!  While their process is more tedious as it involves the cold process as mentioned earlier, it is still well worth it!

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