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Metaphysics and Universal Laws

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What is Metaphysics?

The word metaphysics is derived from the ancient greek words “meta” (meaning “beyond”) and “physics.” At its core, metaphysics is the deep exploration of our reality and universe, beyond physics. It reveals relations between mind, body, spirit and universe. Many people regard metaphysics as a “way of life” or “spiritual belief.” While it can be, others view it only as a frame of mind. Sceptics and academia refer to it as “speculative philosophy,” due to its inability to be proven by everyday experience or the scientific method.

Exploration of the Universe

Witnessing is knowledge that our minds decipher the best. Metaphysics encourages this behavior, leaving seekers to continue to ask questions when science stops answering them. Metaphysics is a quest for knowledge and understanding of the universe and all of it’s realities. The Study of metaphysics is more about the exploration of realities through experiences and less about mutually agreed on facts that make it into an academic textbook. While we can agree on proven facts, there is so much more to our realities than science can expose. It is about feeling and experiencing the unexplained. While some are still very skeptical about the experiences of individuals exploring metaphysics, it is something that can only prove useful to people who approach it with an open mind. Individuals who are less accepting of what they are told and more inclined to find out for themselves.

Important Universal Laws  

Many of the laws deeply intertwine and relate to one another. Each one can help you access you higher consciousness and better understand the realities of this world. While this is not a complete list of the Universal Laws, it is a great introduction into the world of metaphysics.

Law of Divine Oneness

Namaste. All things are connected and we are all one, despite our independent perspectives. There is divinity within all of us that originates from the same energy and life source. This concept goes beyond the just human species. It is within every being, and expression of life within the universe. The power and energy of divinity flows within all things, an unseen unity that makes us all one. Living harmoniously, has the ability to increase our vibrations and intensify our inner consciousness. Unsurprisingly, when we are not harmonious we disrupt the balance, because everything we think say or do affects other souls.

Law of Cause and Effect

This law is often referred to as “karma.” It is the harmonious balance of the universe and applies to all things. The idea is that every disharmonious action, will return to the source. If you do right in the world, good things will return to you in the form of rewards. If you do wrong, those doings will bring you suffering or consequences. Going back to the Law of Oneness, we can see how our decisions towards others affect ourselves.

Law of Reflection

The traits that we notice in others are only prominent because we reflect it’s existence within ourselves. This law has four primary parts:

  1. The traits that we admire in others spirits, are also positive traits that you recognize in your own.
  2. Traits that we dislike and react to in others spirits, we fear also exist within us.
  3. Traits that we dislike and react to in others, usually do exist within us.
  4. The traits that we resist in yourself, we will dislike in others.

Law of Attraction

This law is probably the most popular of them all. They say “opposites attract.” Rather, this law claims that likes attract. Positivity attracts positivity. Negativity attracts negativity. We have the ability to attract whatever energy that we put out. If you are constantly rude, you will find that you will recieve negativity in return. However, if you are positive, you will find that you are recieveing this same energy.

Law of Vibration

This law highlights the concept that all things are made of energy. People, places, things–everything. Because all things are made of energy, we must align ourselves with what we want to attract. The power of the mind is big here! In relation to the Law of Manifestation, your mind has the ability to direct “good vibes” towards you and bad ones away. Thoughts and emotions play heavily on this process.

Law of Manifestation

This law suggests that a person’s belief in something allows it to become a reality. Where one puts their attention, they involuntarily direct their energy. In turn, you attract whatever it is that your mind concentrates on. For example, if you constantly worry that you are going to trip, don’t be surprised if you do. The concept applies to all areas of your life. If you actively concentrate on your dreams/goals, your energy will help gravitate them towards you.

Law of Action

Without action, one can’t expect their dreams to just fall into their lap. Even with the use of the other laws, you must actively seek your desires. It is with combination of these laws that you will be able to attain your goals. For instance, a person who wants to become a famous painter can attract this energy every day. However, if that person, never picks up a paint brush, it will never happen. We must act in the direction we wish to see growth.

The Law of Correspondence

Our external world, directly impacts our inner consciousness. This goes back to vibrational energy. Negative energy has the ability to reach your inner world if you allow it. The same applies to positive energy. Our inner world is exposed to many different energies everyday. It is up to us to control the sorts of energies we allow ourselves to be around. This includes television, images and even people. For example, if you are in a good mood, then spend the next five hours in a room full of people with negative energy, that negative energy will find it’s way into your consciousness. We must not to expose ourselves to negative situations.

The Law of Polarity

Opposites must exist or most things would not. Good is real because evil is real. Joy exists because sorrow does. Without one, we would know either because we would have not experienced anything different. We are able to redirect our energies through understanding polarity relationships.This is particularly helpful when trying to direct your inner consciousness. If you are feeling anxious, concentrate on calmness.

The Law of Gender

All things have feminine or masculine energy.

The Law of Rhythm

All vibrations move to their own rhythm. These rhythms create various patterns. This concept is present in physics. However, in metaphysics, we dive deeper. Everything has vibrational energy. All things that vibrate have their own rhythmic pattern. Every being’s unseen energy moves in rhythm. With this knowledge, we are able to practice reaching higher frequencies in our consciousness.

The Law of Soul Evolution

Every person has the ability to evolve and grow spiritually. From birth, our souls are exposed experiences that recreate who we are. Of course, it is up to every individual to decide how those experiences will affect them. Each experience, has the ability to evolve the soul. Every consequence of our disharmonious acts, is a lesson. If we open our minds to wisdom within every encounter, we will find that we can grow from them. For instance, an individual who stole from a friend might receive the consequence of that friends retaliation or loss of friendship. This person can become angry and maybe even escalate the situation, learning nothing. Or this person can accept responsibility and receive the lesson. The person might learn that friends are sacred connections that are easily broken through acts betrayal. Maybe this person will never have to suffer in this way again, or maybe that friend will find a way to forgive them. This change can bring the soul to evolve. Each and every small step forward is a  journey to a greater evolution of self.

The law of Resistance

The law of resistance is also referred to as the law of fear. The idea is that the things that you resist/fear, will draw the closer to you. The only way to escape this, is to address the fear head on through conscious detachment,  freeing yourself from it’s influence.

The Law of Free Will

Every person has control over their own lives, thoughts and decisions. All spirits are free, only if they allow themselves to be. This law also suggests that another person will only have power over you if you allow them to. Decide that you no longer want to do something or feel a certain way, and you won’t.

The Law of  Abundance

Every person has all that they need in order to live the life that they seek on earth. We must first be aware that all resources are not physical. Many exist in our inner consciousness, meaning we have all the tools we need to gravitate every desire into our lives. So long as those desires do not interfere with other universal laws, such as free will for example. We have access to everything–it is our divine birthright.

Metaphysical Books

While metaphysics is about, personal experience, reading about the world of metaphysics is a great way to guide yourself towards these experiences. We offer a wide variety of metaphysical books to help guide you on your journey and learn more about the world around you. Of course, we encourage you to not only read about them, but also explore these concepts on your own.

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4 thoughts on “Metaphysics and Universal Laws

  1. Well written and highly useful although I wouldn’t refer to them as laws, per say. To me that term implies something that must be followed. The world is open for each of us to explore in ways that will bring us further along on our spiritual path. Each must find their own path, their purpose and in their own way. I’m passing these along to my circle. Thanks so much, Cheri

    1. Hey Cheri,
      I do not mean that they are laws meant to be followed. Rather they are the laws of Universal Function. For example, Newton’s Law of Motion states that an object in motion/at rest will stay that way unless acted upon by an outside force. It is not a law to be followed, but a law that describes our universe and the way it functions. That is more of the direction I was going, but I appreciate your suggestion and perspective. I agree that we all must find our own meaning, and way in life. It is the beauty of it all!

  2. Do you think that doubt plays a big part in manifestation? I try to manifest things but it gets so difficult. I start to wonder if it will even happen and I doubt myself. I feel like this is counterproductive.

    1. I do believe that doubt can cloud the workings of manifestation. What I try to do in situations like that is chant in my mind to the point that I can’t hear myself think about anything else. “It will happen. It will happen.” Visualize it and repeat until you are past the doubt. Goodluck!

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