Free Coexist Bumper Stickers


Free Bumper Sticker


Our Metaphysical shop is in support of the coexist movement. In order to do our part and take action, we are offering Free Bumper Stickers! Bumper Stickers are limited to one sticker per address location. Buyers will be responsible for shipping cost at the rate of .60 cents. The coexistence Symbolism stands for tolerance in various cultures, religions and genders. It is acceptance of all people no matter their demographic background. Mystic Culture stands behind peace among peoples and Love among divided communities. Help Spread the awareness with these free bumper stickers! We also hope that you will take a look around our shop and check out some of our other Unique and novelty items.

Note: Our Bumper Stickers tend to go very quickly. Please leave a note regarding the version of the coexist sticker you would like. We will try our best to deliver your preference based on what is in stock. The Stickers come in blue & white or black & white.



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