Rowan Tree poster


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The Rowan Tree Parchment Poster shares the legendary qualities of the Sacred Rowan tree. The Rowan Tree. This prayer focuses on invoking the strengths of the tree into one’s own spirit. The poster measures  8 1/2″ x 11″.

It quotes:


Creation Tree

Protector and Faery-Friend

Rowan, I thank you for your endless gifts.

Bless you for the healing power.

In your leaves.

and the vitality and vision

Hidden in your fruit.

You who balances

Intuition and logic.

Whose wood can make

Both staff and wand

Help me elegantly

Entwine these properties

As I walk my path

Teach me to flourish

In the highest mountains.

To blaze brightly.

As i reach for the sun.

And to cast fear aside

As I grow in the ways I most need.”

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