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Remedies For Infertility

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Getting Pregnant

"More than any of the other systems, the reproductive systems shows the miracle of life at work. It is a miracle that we can wonder at, can analyze in terms of tissue and hormone function, write poetry about, but which in the end will leave us speechless." –David Hoffmann

Are you having trouble trying to bear a child? Wanting a natural and healthier way to increase your chances? Fortunately, for you there are quite a few remedies that many women have stood behind regarding reproductive complications.

Believe it or not getting pregnant is actually far more complex than many couples realize. Infact, under many circumstances it is actually rather difficult. In a simplified explanation what happens is a woman secretes a hormones (each one at a specific time), that causes one of her eggs to mature. Next her egg is released into the fallopian tube. At this precise time (ovulation) a male must submit enough semen into the woman, allowing some of it to actually travel to the egg and fertilize it. Upon fertilization the egg then travels to the uterus and implants to the wall. Every step must go according to plan or there will be complications and result in no pregnancy. This process is so complex that it is not the doctor’s first instinct to suggest that a patient is infertile. However if a couple is sexually active for over a year and the female still does not become pregnant then a doctor may assume one of the individuals is infertile and will look into testing and further reproduction assistance.

Root causes might include:

  • Poor nutrition/deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • STD’s
  • Environmental toxins
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Varicocele
  • Eating disorders (anorexia especially)
  • Overly intense exercise
  • Toxic metals
  • Hormonal Problems (especially thyroid issues or low progesterone)

Before we get into the specific remedies we must address one thing: Mindset.

“For the reproductive system to be whole and functioning in a well-balanced and integrated way, body and spirit must be well and thriving as a whole”-David Hoffmann.

Remedies To Consider:



Vitamin E rich foods are believed to nourish the endocrine system (nuts, seed oils, wheat germ). Essential fatty acids aid gland health (cold water fish, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil). Increasing vegetables and fruit in daily meals will help with overall health and as a result reproductive health as well. Eating right will rid the body of toxins that might be causing complications. Men can actually take part in helping. Pumpkin seeds help with men reproductive fluids because it is a excellent source of zinc.


Uterine Tonics

This specializes in toning and strengthening tissue of the organs and the way in which they function. There are a variety that are often used but you must decide which one is more suitable to your needs as they all have unique actions aside from overall tissue strengthening. A few to look into with your doctor are: Black cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Chaste berry, False unicorn root, life root, motherwort, raspberry, squaw vine. These are often the go to when there is not a direct disease found.



This approach stimulates a normal menstrual flow. In fact, the majority of uterine tonics are actually a form of a emmenagogue however there others that aid the body in a different way. Some emmenagogues act through normalizing the system. Aside from those listed in the above section: parsley, pennyroyal, rue, southernwood, and yarrow.


Hormonal Normalizers

These tend to balance and normalize the endocrine glands. Although there are others, one of the most important ones is chaste berry, as it normalizes estrogen and progesterone. As a result, it finds use in all aspects of menstrual dysfunction and especially in conditions associated with menopause.


Vitamin C

Used by men and women to increase fertility. In men it prevents sperm agglutination.


L-arginine and vitamin B12

For men, both have shown to increase sperm count (separately).



These are often known for constricting tissues and aiding in the overall health of tissue. American Cranesbill, Beth root, Burr Marigold, Lady’s Mantle, Periwinkle and Shepherd’s Purse are a few useful ones.


Natural progesterone cream

Aids in hormone replacement. This hormone is vital!



Often used as a tool to provide soothing and healing on mucous membranes. Some useful herbs include: bearberry, blue cohosh, corn silk, golden seal, Irish moss and marshmallow.



Bearberry, couch grass, Echinacea, garlic, juniper, wild indigo, and yarrow.



Help your body rid itself of toxins. Spending a short amount of time in a sauna will allow some of these toxins to exit the body through sweat. Detoxing with healthy foods as previously mentioned, will do the body good. Also try drinking only purified water rather than fountain water as the chlorine and chemicals may affect each person differently (some believe sensitivity to this is directly related to infertility).



Healthy nerves is vital for a well-functioning reproductive system. Many emmenagogues have nervine activity but relaxing herbs might also help. Some consider: cramp bark, skullcap and valerian as well as nervine tonics of damiana and oats.



Some say that this treatment encouraged conception and stimulated the absorption of nutrients. (Only work with a professional in the field. Never on your own or at home.)


Mental health

Many women blame themselves and become emotional about not conceiving. Some women say that Bach flowers have allowed for better views of the situation and restored hope. Some say that Bach flowers work best when you find a remedy that best suits your personality.


Things to avoid

Smoking, alcohol, non-purified water, missing sleep, animal meat (loaded with chemicals), caffeine (linked to infertility), high amount of processed foods

Consult your doctor before trying any of these remedies, natural treatment is still a form of medicine and should be approved by a professional. Good luck and don't give up!   🙂