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Our Store

Refund & Exchange Policy

Mystic Culture only allows refunds for items that arrived defective or damaged. After arrival, you will have 5 days to submit a refund or exchange request on our contact page. After this, Mystic Culture is no longer responsible for an exchange or refund. Upon acceptance of your request, the item must be postmarked within a 15 day period or we will not fulfill the cancellation or exchange. Shipping the item back to Mystic Culture will be at the expense of the customer. However, if you opt for an exchange, we will ship the new item to you free. All other sales are final.

Incorrect Order

We allow returns for items involving incorrect orders. Upon the return of the incorrect item(s), we will send the proper order. Shipping the item(s) back to Mystic Culture is at the expense of the customer, unless we agree to cover the costs in writing. However, we will ship the new item to our customers for free. Customers have a 5 day period (after the arrival of the item) to contact Mystic Culture about the mix up. We will not fulfill exchanges after this period.

Returns and Refunds on All Other Products

We do not offer cancellation on items that are not damaged. Outside of damaged goods and incorrect orders, all sales are final.

Shipping and Packing Costs

We do not charge handling fees however the customer is responsible for shipping costs. We offer fixed shipping rates based on the weight of the items purchased. Shipping will be calculated together for multiple items, thus reducing the total fee. 

Delivery Charge on Returning Goods

Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. All items returned will be at the expense of the customer, unless otherwise noted.


If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact us through our contact page or email us at admin@mysticculture.com